Wf01 (Wheelchair) by ANRI SUGIHARA
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Differently Abled and Seniors' Assistance Design Award Winner
For a long time, RDS has been working with chair skiers on the development of competition equipment. As a result, the athletes RDS supported at the Paralympics could won 7 medals, and through parasports, the design team could study and research human-body balance and postural maintenance. In this project, by developing the seating simulator SS01, it was possible to provide a machine that is more personalized by measuring and visualizing individual body data.
WF01 is a high performance, highly customizable wheelchair. Aiming to be a long-awaited presence like a supercar, the styling is different from conventional wheelchairs. It aims to build a new category of mobility, not just wheelchairs. By making wheelchairs, which are used by people with handicap into mobility that anyone wants to ride, the design team believe that the market can be expanded, and a more borderless world can be provided.
Design Challenges
WF01 embodies the ideal wheelchair created for individual ownership. Designed to fit into the user’s lifestyle, physical condition, hobbies and preferences, WF01 expands the range of options for users, realizing the joy of selection. The wheelchair with customizable parts for various occasions offers the excitement like choosing the best fashion coordination. WF01, equipped with the stylishness defying the stereotype that “wheelchairs are for people with handicaps and elderly people”, proposes an entirely new concept for the imminent super-aging society. It redefines wheelchair as a welfare equipment through the innovative design focusing on mobility.
Production Technology
The main frame is designed with separate parts that allow the wheel size, camber angle, and riding position to be set appropriately, allowing the user to reassemble and adjust the wheel to suit their individual needs. Parts made from carbon fiber and 3D printing are combined to accept a variety of customizations, including size and positioning, as well as styling.
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